Focused Energy Ships Over 25,000 Enphase Micro-Inverters

Focused Energy, Inc., a key Enphase distribution partner, achieved a major milestone this month having shipped its 25,000th Enphase Microinverter. As an original launch partner for the microinverter in July of 2008, Focused Energy foresaw the many benefits of microinverter technology for the solar industry and remains committed to driving adoption among its installing partners.

“Focused Energy is a highly valued partner for Enphase. Their years of experience, depth of technical knowledge, excellent customer service, and integrity make them a first choice provider for industry leading solar components among their customers. Enphase and Focused Energy’s values and approach to business are closely aligned, creating a mutually beneficial partnership,” said Andrew Nichols VP of sales for Enphase Energy.

Paul Benson, CEO of Focused Energy added, “Enphase Microinverters maximize solar energy production for each individual solar panel. With Enphase Microinverters, customers can increase the amount of energy production, simplify design and installation issues, overcome shading challenges, and monitor energy output from each solar panel. All this adds up to higher system efficiency, and most importantly, a greater return on investment. We are proud to be partners with Enphase in bringing this market-changing technology to the solar industry.”

SANYO Celebrates Grand Opening of New Monterrey Solar Module Assembly Manufacturing Plant with Ceremony

SANYO has officially started production in Monterrey, Mexico. The plant will be assembling SANYO’s patented HIT (Heterjunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer) solar modules, the final step in the process for finished goods in solar module manufacturing. SANYO’s HIT solar cells and modules have the world’s highest solar light to electric energy conversion efficiency per installed square foot. SANYO Energy will be producing at a capacity of 50-Megawatts annually, with the assembled panels to be used in installations in North America.

Sanyo Breaks PV Cell Efficiency World Record

Tokyo, May 22, 2009—-SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) announced today that it has broken its own record for the world’s highest energy conversion efficiency in practical size (100 cm2 or more) crystalline silicon-type solar cells, achieving an efficiency of 23.0% (until now 22.3%) at a research-level for its proprietary HIT solar photovoltaic cells.

Focused Energy Adds Sharp Solar Modules

Focused Energy is pleased to announce the addition of the Sharp 224 watt panel to its product portfolio. The Sharp 224 is ideally sized to work with the Enphase M190 inverter. Sharp is the 2nd largest PV manufacturer in the world and has a long history of making quality PV modules. The addition of the Sharp 224 will allow us to offer our customers a high quality middle market solution.

Enphase to Launch 2nd Generation Micro-Inverter

In April Enphase will release its latest micro-inverter, the M-190. The M-190 offers increased module compatibility to include 60 and 72 cell PV modules, Greater inverter efficiency (95%), wider temperature range, improved cable configuration, 30% smaller in size, increases in number of inverters per box (15) and per pallet (288), and significant increase in product reliability. The M-175 inverter will be discontinued in March. We have been more than satisfied with the Enphase inverter and look forward to offering the M-190. Stocking orders have been placed to support our customers’ needs. You can download product specs under the “Our Products” link on our website.

Focused Energy Sells 3,000 Enphase Micro-Inverters!

Reports back from our customers have been very positive. Ease of design and installation are often mentioned. We are also pleased to hear from our customers that increased kWh production in the range of 10-14% is being reported back to us. The Enlighten monitoring package with web access makes it simple to see the performance of your PV system in real-time. For more info call to speak with one of our salespeople or click on “Our Products” for product downloads.

Federal ITC Passed!

It is finally time to celebrate. Congress passed a long-term extension of the solar investment tax credit. A 30% tax credit of both the commercial solar tax credit and the residential solar tax credit (with the removal of the monetary cap), passed the Senate (74-24) on Thursday and the House (263-171) this afternoon. The ITC, and other clean energy tax incentives, were rolled into the economic stabilization package.

Senate Approves Extension of Solar Tax Credits

On Sept. 23 the Senate voted to pass H.R. 6049, the Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008, including the amendment which extends the 30 percent solar investment tax credit for 8 years. The extension applies to both commercial and residential solar projects and eliminates caps that currently exist. The vote was 93-2.