Focused Energy Moves to “Delivered Pricing” Platform

As of July 25, 2011, Focused Energy, a wholesale distributor of equipment for grid-tie PV installations, is further differentiating its offering by providing delivered pricing for shipments of any size in the contiguous 48 states.

Delivered pricing eliminates the installers’ need for guesswork in establishing true project costs, and reduces the time needed for the project proposal process. Focused Energy CEO Paul Benson said, “Above all, we want to be easy to work with. This change in our approach to freight charges means our dealers can get an ‘all-in’ price for their project on their first call, without waiting for a freight quote or concerning themselves with discrepancies between freight quotes and actual billings. This will save them time and money.”

New pricing will include regular freight from Focused Energy’s warehouse in Reno, NV to a commercial address in the contiguous 48 states. Drop ships from Focused’s manufacturing partners, expedited shipping, residential deliveries, lift gate charges, and shipments outside the “lower 48″ will still be subject to shipping charges.

Focused Energy is a New Mexico-based distributor of best-in-class products for residential to mid-sized commercial PV projects. Since 2008, Focused Energy has grown to be one of the largest distributors in North America, driven by a business philosophy of streamlined, accurate, and highly responsive customer service and operations.