Focused Energy Receives ‘Partner of the Year Award’ from Enphase Energy

Focused Energy was Enphase’s launch partner when the micro-inverter manufacturer entered the solar market in 2008. Enphase has since grown to the #2 inverter supplier by market share in North America, and Focused Energy has also since grown into one of the US’s premier distributors. The award was presented at Enphase’s First Annual Distributor Summit in Sonoma California last weekend, where Enphase’s key distribution partners for North America met with Enphase executives.

Andrew Nichols, VP of Sales at Enphase, said, “With this award, Enphase is recognizing how Focused Energy’s exceptional business planning and operational excellence has contributed to our shared success and growth in the solar industry.” ”We’re very pleased to receive this recognition,” added Paul Benson, CEO at Focused Energy. “Enphase has a great solution, and a very talented and capable team, and we greatly value our partnership.”

About Enphase Energy: Enphase Energy delivers microinverter technology for the solar industry that increases energy production, simplifies design and installation, improves system uptime and reliability, reduces fire safety risk and provides a platform for intelligent energy management. Our semiconductor-based microinverter system converts energy at the individual solar module level and brings a systems-based, high technology approach to solar energy generation.

About Focused Energy: Focused Energy is a wholesale-only distributor of equipment for grid-tie PV (solar-electric) systems. The company offers a limited number of best-in-class products to installers throughout North America, supported with industry-leading logistics accuracy, customer service, and communication.