Increasing Quality of Life in Nicaragua Through Renewable Energy

This November, Focused Energy LLC sent Sales Manager Keith Ostwald to install solar in Nicaragua with the organization, Power to the People. This volunteer organization, based in California, qualifies villages for solar arrays to ensure the projects have the most positive impact.

Keith’s group built a system for the rural village, Los Calpules, about a two hour, off-road drive from Managua, Nicaragua. In three days, the group installed a battery back-up solar array on the clinic with an additional kilowatt and a half on the school. The system provides the village’s only light, allowing the school to also serve as a community center. The 200 villagers, who subsist as farmers and ranchers, now have a place to gather in the evenings. The project’s educational component resulted in twenty-four trained villagers. They learned about the system and how to use the illustrated troubleshooting booklet, provided by Power to the People.

Of note, Keith also reports an amazing visit to an Eco lodge and Coffee Estate 4,000 feet above sea level called Selva Negra (black jungle). The estate, founded by German immigrants in the 1800s, is dedicated to sustainability and preserving the rain forest. “You name it,” Keith reports, “they use methane from the farm animals to run the equipment and use the coffee by-products to fertilize the land. They even make their own furniture!”

Focused Energy LLC is very happy to contribute to increased quality of life through renewable energy.