Focused Energy Picks Winners!

As you may know, Focused Energy diligently selects manufacturers whose quality and economics benefit the entire value chain and support the long-term and sustainable growth of our industry. We’re proud to announce that two of our vendors, Power-One and UNIRAC, have been recognized for their launches of top products in 2013.

Power-One’s latest product, the TRIO-20.o TL and 27.6 TL three-phase inverters, made it onto Electrical Products and Solutions’ Top Products 2013 listElectrical Products and Solutions selected the year’s best products for being “unique, beneficial and reliable.” We know what they’re talking about. Use of Power-One TRIO, designed for 1000 V modules, can lower BOS costs by 40%, and offers much higher system uptime than central inverters. It’s light enough for two installers to mount and includes a Solar Plant Vision Software subscription with each purchase.

UNIRAC was selected for its ballasted racking solution, the Roof Mount (RM), by Solar Power World’s Top Products 2013 issueSolar Power World selected the “most interesting and innovative” solar products from 2013. UNIRAC was recognized for its simplicity. With only two components to install, this ballasted racking system minimizes preparation work and install time.

Congratulations Power-One and UNIRAC!