Focused Energy Offers Finance Solution for Commercial PV Systems

Focused Energy announces that it now offers financing for commercial systems which cost $250,000 or more. The finance offer, a capital lease, can be structured for up to ten years and is unique in that terms can vary depending on the project, targeting the maximization of annual positive cash flow.

Unlike an operating lease, which is the mechanism under which many residential systems are being offered in some states, in a capital lease agreement ownership of the system reverts to the lessee at the end of the finance term with no buy-out.

Focused Energy CEO Paul Benson said, “We’ve been looking carefully at a variety of project financing mechanisms for some time, and are committed to developing a program that is win for our vendors, our installation partners, and the system owner, and remains in keeping with our position of taking a long-term view even in a dynamic market. While residential operating leases are not necessarily beneficial to all parties, this commercial capital lease is. We’re seeing a great response to it already.”

Focused Energy is a Santa Fe-based wholesale-only distributor of renewable energy components for grid-connected installations. The company offers a select group of best-in-class products coupled with best-in-industry service and logistics, serving both residential and commercial installation contractors. Focused Energy was recently awarded “2011 Partner of the Year” by Enphase Energy.